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Using The Gel Bottle & Peacci 



Using The Gel Bottle inc

Gel Manicure / Pedicure File, cuticle work & gel application                                £30

Removal & Re-apply When originally applied at Glow                                                    £31.50

BIAB                                                                                                                 £30 /£34 with gel colour

An add on to your Gel Manicure treatment or a stand alone overly to add strength to your nails. This product is also used on nails prone to chipping with Gel Polish. File & cuticle work included.

Removal & Re-apply / Infills BIAB When originally applied at Glow                       £35.50


French Polish extra                                                                      £3

Glitter                                                                                                                                   £0.50 per nail

Nail Art Starting from                                                                       £0.50 per nail

Removal Only (we do not remove other salons work)                                                                 £15

Repair (Free within 4 days of application)                                                                      £2.00 per nail


File & Polish                                                                                              £19

Glow Mini Manicure File, cuticle work & polish                                                                                                    £22

Glow Full Manicure/with Gel File, cuticle work, exfoliation, massage & polish £34/£41


Nail Cut & Polish                                                                                       £19

Glow Mini Pedicure Nail cut, cuticle work & polish                                              £22

Glow Full Pedicure / with Gel Polish Foot soak, nail cut, cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage & polish                                                             £35/£42

Guinot Foot Peeling The rejuvenating foot treatment                                                             £33

Guinot’s Foot Peeling treatment is designed with dry and tired feet in mind. A peeling gel is applied along with a pair of booties which loosens dead skin cells and eliminates rough patches. Guinot’s anti-ageing Longue Vie Pieds Treatment is then applied all over the feet to intensely nourish the feet and combat advanced signs of ageing. Feet are left feeling soft, smooth and visibly more youthful. 

£15 when added on to ANY treatment on Glow price list.


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