Using The Gel Bottle, All That Jazz & Peacci 

The Gel Bottle
Gel Manicure / Pedicure                                                               £23
(file, cuticle work & gel application)
Removal & Re-apply (when originally applied at glow)                     £24.50
French polish                                                                  extra £3
nail art/ glitter                         complimentary nail on each hand then £0.50 per nail
Removal Only                                                                  £10.00per 30mins
Glow Manicures
File & Polish                                                                      £14
Glow Mini Manicure (File, cuticle work & polish)                            £18.50
Glow Full Manicure / with Gel                                        £29 / £34
(nail soak, file, cuticle work, exfoliation, massage & polish)                                              
Glow Pedicures
Nail Cut & Polish                                                            £14
Glow Mini Pedicure (nail cut, cuticle work & polish)                                             £18.50
Glow Full Pedicure / with Gel                                      £30 / £36
(Foot soak, nail cut, cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage & polish)

Guinot Foot Peeling Treatment                                   £15/ £30

(The 30 minute treatment softens and rejuvenates fragile and dry skin, leaving it feeling intensely nourished and smooth) Add onto any Pedicure treatment or have as a single treatment.