Back, neck & shoulder massage 20min/ 30min     £21/ £27

Full body massage incl. face & scalp                       £41

Face & scalp massage                                               £23

BODY TREATMENTS using Guinot body products.

Scrub & glow (full body exfoliation & moisturise)                                                               £40

Head to Toe glow (Back Massage, Mini Facial & Foot/ or Hand Massage)                 £62   

Slim Logic                                                   1 treatment   £75

A double action manual treatment with caffeine, using massage techniques to break down cellulite deposits and anti-fluid retention wrap to eliminate excess fluid, leaving the silhouette refined and body contours smooth.

1x treatment & SlimLogic cream £75 (saving £28.50)

3x treatments, SlimLogic cream & SlimLogic capsules 

£205 (saving £55) (2-3week course)

6x treatments, Slimming capsules, ChronoLogic cream & SlimLogic cream £380 (saving £59.50) (4-6 week course)

Effective results are along side healthy eating and exercise.


Please note: Treatments over £50 May require a non refundable deposit when booking. A 50% cancellation fee is in place when less than 24hrs notice is given. This is also applied to missed appointments. New appointments will not be made until fee has been paid. This is based at our discretion.

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