Back, neck & shoulder massage 20min/ 30min     £21/ £27

Full body massage incl. face & scalp                       £41

Face & scalp massage                                               £23

BODY TREATMENTS using Guinot body products.

Scrub & glow (full body exfoliation & moisturise)                                                               £40

Head to Toe glow (Back Massage, Mini Facial & Foot/ or Hand Massage)                 £62   

Slim Logic                                                   1 treatment   £75

A double action manual treatment with caffeine, using massage techniques to break down cellulite deposits and anti-fluid retention wrap to eliminate excess fluid, leaving the silhouette refined and body contours smooth.

1x treatment & SlimLogic cream £75 (saving £28.50)

3x treatments, SlimLogic cream & SlimLogic capsules 

£205 (saving £55) (2-3week course)

6x treatments, Slimming capsules, ChronoLogic cream & SlimLogic cream £380 (saving £59.50) (4-6 week course)

Effective results are along side healthy eating and exercise.